About Us


The dental practice of Rudy Hajji is founded on the fundamental belief that good dental health results from a healthy relationship between dentist and patient. That you, as a patient, are more than just a set of teeth to be treated. That your overall health is understood and considered. That your time is respected, and that when you’re with your dentist you are mutually engaged in a collaborative commitment to keeping your smile healthy.  In a world of corporate dentistry where profitability is often maximized through impersonal, assembly-line care, Dr. Rudy Hajji offers a decidedly different approach. Personal, traditional and relationship-based: that’s the dental practice of

 Rudy Hajji, DDS.


At Advanced Family Dental we are uniquely qualified to take care of your oral health from your first tooth through a lifetime of smiles. Our practice combines the expertise of cosmetic, prosthodontic, pediatric dental care, Invisalign, 6 month smile braces, oral surgery, periodontal care, prosthodontic care, endodontic care, and a holistic approach to overall dental health care.  We offer the latest technology in material strength and safety, low exposure digital imagery in every operatory, and the latest safe dental materials and procedures in the dental industry.


We are  at the forefront of cutting edge dental technology. Dentistry has come a long way over the last century. Technology is largely responsible for the drastic advancements in the dental care industry. Our dental practice is years and even decades ahead of some dental practices in terms of technology.   Keep all your dental options clear and natural